Our history

Voici notre histoire, de nos inspirations à notre grand projet qu'est CALANQUE

The origin

How were we born?

CALANQUE is the initiative of a scuba diver from Marseille, Thalie Moliner. It was while practicing this sport in the coves of the south of France that she became aware of the extent of the amount of marine waste. Passionate about the textile industry, it became obvious for her to create a brand focused on swimwear and designed with respect and an eye for detail.



Protect and clean up the sea by collecting and processing marine plastic waste.​ Each short recycles at least 8 post-consumer plastic bottles.​

Calanque Swimwear

Our creations

The finely embroidered patterns inspired by the Mediterranean basin and the fitted cuts create an elegant silhouette. In resonance the company works only in Europe.​ Every detail has been thought out and reflected with meticulousness and passion for the sea.