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Notre ADN c'est la défense de la cause environnemental et humaine

Preserving the sea with elegance

CALANQUE, based on the principle of ethical and sustainable fashion, aims to produce less and better. Because creating better quality clothing is above all about lasting over time and helping to avoid overconsumption.

plastiques post-consommation pour short de bain homme recyclé

Reduce plastic waste

Per year, according to GreenPeace, around 12 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans. This is why we chose to use a fiber designed from the collection of plastics in the Mediterranean Sea.

An innovative fabric

The crops collected in Spain are transformed into flakes and then spun into bobbins of recycled polyester. Then, these are woven and dyed in Portugal alongside our embroidery company and our factory. Antonio and his team then work to shape the jerseys.

Our impact on the environment

By choosing to work nearby we considerably reduce the company's carbon footprint.

Our jerseys then emit only 0.9 kg of CO2 , compared to 2kg from our competitors.

Join the adventure

Our choices were made to opt for a lifestyle in harmony with the softness of the Mediterranean landscapes.

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