Sur la route du blé : Un Héritage Méditerranéen chez Calanque Swimwear

On the wheat road: A Mediterranean Heritage at Calanque Swimwear

Wheat, an emblematic element of the Mediterranean, has occupied a special place in Mediterranean civilizations and cultures since the dawn of time. CALANQUE has chosen to celebrate this heritage by integrating the ear of wheat into its swimwear collection. Let's explore together the meaning and historical importance of wheat in the Mediterranean region, as well as its omnipresent presence in the collective imagination.

credit: Christian Musat

Wheat: A Pillar of Mediterranean Civilizations

Since ancient times, wheat has played a crucial role in the development of Mediterranean societies. Originally from the Middle East, it is believed to have an Egyptian origin before it spread globally through export. The historian Fernand Braudel has also theorized the "civilization of wheat", thus designating the territories and populations where this cereal is the main ingredient.

Wheat in the spotlight: Exhibitions and World Heritage

In 2021, the MUCEM (Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean) dedicated an exhibition to the Mediterranean entitled “Le Grand Mezzé”. The curator of the exhibition, Edouard de Laubrie, did not fail to highlight wheat in all its facets. From Tunisia to Crete via Portugal, wheat is omnipresent, from the surrounding landscapes to our plates.

In 2010, UNESCO also included the Mediterranean diet, with its countless wheat-based recipes, as intangible heritage. Thus, the wheat fields continue to paint our beloved Mediterranean landscape with a golden canvas.

credit: CALANQUE swimwear

Wheat: Symbol of Mediterranean Identity

In the collective imagination, wheat is a powerful symbol of Mediterranean identity and culture. It even transcends everyday language, where it is associated with money, symbolizing its value and abundance in the region.

Embroidered Ears of Wheat: A Homage to Mediterranean History

It is in this rich tradition that the new CALANQUE embroidery, representing ears of wheat, is part. This understated and elegant design is filled with history(s), uniting the past and present in a swimwear collection that pays homage to Mediterranean heritage.

credit: Calanque Swimwear - Bruno Chiappe


Wheat, an age-old symbol of Mediterranean civilizations, finds a new expression in the CALANQUE swimwear collection. Through embroidered ears of wheat, we celebrate the richness of Mediterranean history and pay tribute to the importance of this cereal which has nourished and shaped the cultures of the region. By wearing these swimsuits, you will immerse yourself in a timeless and elegant Mediterranean heritage.

article written by: Pauline TACCINI
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