Le Corail, Gardien de Vie Sous-Marine : Enjeux et Engagements de Calanque Swimwear

Coral, Guardian of Underwater Life: Challenges and Commitments of Calanque Swimwear

On May 11, world day dedicated to the preservation of endangered species, CALANQUE seizes the opportunity to highlight a living organism of great importance: the coral. Present in the oceans and admired in the windows of sea enthusiasts, coral embodies both beauty and fragility. It plays a crucial role in the marine ecosystem.

source: Shifaz Abdul Hakkim

The Wealth of Coral

Coral, a true underwater jewel, enchants with its diversity and natural beauty. Its distribution is surprising, covering unexpected areas. Indeed, recent scientific discoveries reveal that the biodiversity of coral reefs rivals that of the tropical forests of the Amazon or New Guinea. This biological wealth offers a fascinating perspective on the importance of coral in the global ecological balance.

A Symbiotic Ecosystem

Corals are home to abundant life in symbiosis with other organisms, forming a complex ecosystem. They serve as refuges, food reserves and even nurseries for many marine species. Their importance is not limited to marine life, as they also provide important ecosystem benefits to humanity.

Threats to Coral

Unfortunately, almost a quarter of the world's coral reefs have already suffered irreversible damage. Corals face a major survival challenge, with factors including bleaching from global warming, ocean acidification and destructive human activities. This reality highlights the urgency of taking measures to preserve these fragile ecosystems.


Faced with this crisis, many organizations are working to protect coral reefs. The Oceanographic Institute of Monaco stands out by raising public awareness and taking concrete action for the survival of reefs. Scientific research, media initiatives and funding for NGO projects are all means used to preserve these underwater jewels.

source: Fuka Jaz

Coral, much more than a simple organism, is a key part of the global marine ecosystem. Its beauty and ecological value make it a crucial element to preserve for future generations. At CALANQUE, we are proud to contribute to raising awareness about the protection of coral reefs and to support efforts for their survival. Join us in this vital quest to preserve these underwater treasures and ensure the sustainability of our blue planet.

Article written by Paulien TACCINI
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