Explorez les Trésors Cachés des Îles du Frioul et Profitez de l'Été avec Calanque Swimwear !

Explore the Hidden Treasures of the Frioul Islands and Enjoy Summer with Calanque Swimwear!

Welcome to the enchanting archipelago of Frioul, a true paradise made up of four magical islands: Pomègues, Ratonneau, Tiboulen and If. Imbued with an arid microclimate, the driest in all of France, this unique place offers sparse plant landscapes on immaculately white limestone rocks.

Calanque Frioul Marseille
Credit: Pierre Antoine Laine

Among the jewels of this archipelago is the famous beach of “Sainte-Estève”. This beach, the most famous of all the beaches on the island, is also the only one to benefit from summer surveillance. Every year, many visitors flock to Sainte-Estève beach to bask in the sun, swim in its refreshing turquoise waters and relax in a picturesque setting with stunning views of Marseille harbour.

Another must-see of the Frioul archipelago is the Isle of If, famous for its historic castle. Built on the orders of King François I to protect the coasts against possible invasions, this fortified castle offers a real dive into history. You will be able to admire the architectural ingenuity of the period and immerse yourself in a unique medieval atmosphere.

Chateau iles du fuel marseille
Credit: Ladybird

Speaking of treasures, the Friuli islands are home to exceptional biodiversity with more than 350 plant species, some of which are unique to this archipelago. Munby's fumitory, a rare plant found nowhere else, is one of the botanical treasures of these islands. In addition, the Friuli Islands are a refuge for many rare and protected species of seabirds, such as the blue mound and the Athena's owl.

bird of the Frioul islands
Credit: lgacabral


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For hiking enthusiasts, the Frioul islands offer breathtaking landscapes. Explore secluded coves, climb hills offering breathtaking panoramas and let yourself be carried away by the wild beauty of the surrounding nature.

The Friuli Islands are a hidden treasure in the Mediterranean, offering a unique blend of arid microclimate, stunning beaches, historical heritage and exceptional biodiversity. Don't miss this unforgettable destination, whether you are looking for relaxation, adventure or cultural discovery.

Chateau Frioul Medieval
Credit: dsg_doe

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author: Pauline Taccini
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