Existe-t-il une journée mondiale dédiée à l’Océan ?

Is there a world day dedicated to the Ocean?

Is there a world day dedicated to the Ocean ? TRUE ! It also takes place every year, on June 8 to be exact! And this has been happening since 2009 (those in the know know that we have been talking about it since the Rio Summit in 1992).

Every year on June 8, the whole world comes together to celebrate World Oceans Day. Since 2009, this day has been dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of the good health of our beloved oceans. With this year's theme "The Ocean Decade - 10 years. 10 challenges. 1 ocean", a global action program is launched to inform and raise awareness in the world about the issues related to our oceans. In this article, we explore the actions we can take to preserve marine biodiversity and protect our precious marine ecosystems.

June 8 is also an opportunity to celebrate the beauty, diversity of the ocean and the importance of international cooperation to face the global challenges of tomorrow.

The importance of the ocean for our planet

photo of a school of fish in the ocean

Photo credit: Neha Pandey

The ocean, a blue jewel that covers more than 70% of our planet's surface, plays a vital role in our existence. It regulates the climate, produces oxygen, and is home to incredible biodiversity. However, our oceans face many challenges, such as plastic pollution, overfishing and global warming. World Oceans Day is an opportunity to recall the importance of protecting this fragile ecosystem for future generations.

The challenges of the ocean decade

The Ocean Decade aims to address 10 major challenges to ensure the health of our ocean. Among these challenges we find reducing plastic pollution, preserving coral reefs, promoting sustainable fishing and combating climate change. Symposia, debates, exhibitions and beach cleanups are organized around the world to inform and raise public awareness of these crucial issues.

Our commitment to the oceans

school of fish in the ocean

Photo credit: Leticia Azevedo

CALANQUE is proud to contribute to the preservation of our oceans. Our men's swimwear, made from recycled plastic, is a true innovation inspired by the Mediterranean Sea. By choosing our products, you are helping to reduce plastic pollution and preserve marine biodiversity.

Let's act together!

World Oceans Day reminds us that we all have a role to play in protecting our ocean. Here are some actions and tips you can take to make a difference:

  • Reduce the use of plastic: Opt for sustainable alternatives and recycle as much as possible.

  • Support beach clean-up initiatives: participate in clean-up events or host one in your community.

  • Choose sustainable products: favor brands committed to protecting the ocean.

  • Educate and raise awareness: share your knowledge about marine issues with those around you and use social media to amplify your voice.

  • Consume responsibly: opt for seafood products from sustainable fishing.

Photo of boats on a sandbar near the ocean

Photo credit: Photo by Pok Rie

Because an illustration can sometimes say much more than words, the UN is taking advantage of this day to organize a photo competition ! Under the direction of Ellen Cuylaert and a jury of world-renowned personalities, amateur and seasoned photographers share their most beautiful shots. One thing is certain, no matter which photo wins, each one will leave its mark and impact each and every one of us.

On this World Oceans Day, let us remember that every action counts. Let us commit to preserving the beauty and richness of our oceans for future generations. Together, we can make a real difference to a future where the ocean thrives and marine biodiversity is preserved.

author: Pauline Taccini
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