D'un déchet marin à un maillot de bain

From marine waste to a swimsuit

Welcome to the fascinating world of CALANQUE!
Our history is rooted in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. In our quest to create chic swimwear for men while preserving the environment, we have adopted a unique approach by recycling plastics submerged and harvested on the coasts of the Mediterranean to make the raw material for our shorts.

plastic recycling revaluation of jersey fabrics

From the Mediterranean Sea to our Swimsuits: The Epic of Recycling

The Mediterranean, one of the most emblematic seas in the world, is at the heart of our eco-responsible approach. We are committed to cleaning its shores by collecting plastic waste that pollutes its waters. Our collection points extend throughout the Mediterranean basin, from the Spanish coast to the Italian coast, including the magnificent Greek beaches.

The Transformation of Plastics into Seaqual Fiber

Once collected, the plastics are carefully sorted and transformed into raw material, thanks to the Spanish Seaqual initiative. This revolutionary recycled polyester fiber is at the heart of our commitment to sustainability. Not only does it give a second life to marine waste, but it also offers a quality alternative for the creation of our chic men's swimwear.

Step by step

From there, the fiber leaves for our spinning mill in northern Portugal to be dyed and spun at our convenience. Then, the fabric is finely embroidered by a specialized company. The roll then arrives at the factory and the parts are cut and assembled with the accessories following a precise production line. Everything is carefully packaged and then shipped to Marseille by truck.

CALANQUE: The Essential Link in Eco-Responsible Fashion

We are proud to play a crucial role in this recycling chain. By reusing plastics from the Mediterranean, we actively contribute to the preservation of this unique ecosystem. Each CALANQUE men's short jersey thus becomes a witness to this commitment to the planet.

responsible eco production chain

The Future of Responsible Men's Fashion

Style and durability can coexist harmoniously. Join our movement for eco-responsible fashion by opting for our chic swimwear for men, lovingly designed from recycled plastics from the Mediterranean.

We invite you to support our cause by wearing our jerseys , and thus, in your own way, become an actor in the preservation of our environment. The shores of the Mediterranean are then transformed into a symbol of eco-responsible fashion.

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