Al-Iskandariyya, Perle de la Méditerrané

Al-Iskandariyya, Pearl of the Mediterranean

Whether you are a history buff, an unconditional fan of Claude François or the film Asterix and Obelix Mission Cleopatra, the city of Alexandria is not foreign to you. Today, Calanque Swimwear invites you to an unforgettable stopover in the heart of the Mediterranean, where history and maritime trade meet. As a major cultural and intellectual center since ancient times, Alexandria never fails to fascinate.

Founded by the famous Alexander The Great during his military campaigns in Asia and Egypt, Alexandria is a city with a rich and captivating past. Of the many cities named after Alexandria, Alexandria The Great, or Egyptian, is the most famous and important. Nicknamed the "Pearl of the Mediterranean" or the "Countertop of the World", this city is full of beauty and mysteries.

credit: Omar Mofeed, Qaitbay citadel

From its foundation, the philosopher Strabo underlined its particularity by affirming: "The main advantage that the city presents is to be the place of all Egypt placed equally well for the commerce of the sea as for the internal commerce" . Alexandria thus became "the largest market on inhabited earth", an essential crossroads for maritime exchanges and international trade. In short, Alexandria is a city that stands out for its unique character, combining history and economic dynamism.

Today, several cities still bear the name Alexandria. Are these vestiges of the past or extensions of the myth of Alexandria? The mystery remains! As a tribute to this legendary city, a swimsuit model has been created: the Alexandreia shorts . This magical and special swimsuit was designed for exceptional men, who share a passion for history and maritime trade.

In summary, immerse yourself in the history of Alexandria, a Mediterranean city that will seduce you with its heritage, its timeless charms and its essential role in maritime trade. Let yourself be carried away by its captivating atmosphere.

author: Pauline Taccini
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